Welcome to sylvesterlibrary.wordpress.com–a great resource

Welcome to Sylvester Library!  This blog is for parents, teachers, and students alike.  I hope it will be informative for each of you, in different ways.  Here’s just a brief look of what you can expect to find here:

Parents – Keep up to date on events and opportunities for your kids–as well as the rules of the library.  Click the events tab or the opportunities tab to learn about upcoming projects or attractions such as writing competitions, author visits, and book fairs.  Your part in your child’s reading experience is integral.  Keeping up to date with what’s happening in the library is a great way to encourage your child to participate.

Teachers – Likewise, this blog is a great resource. I’ll be keeping track of dates such as writing competitions, author visits, etc.

Students – Keep track of activities and events.  I’ll even have brief writing advice, reading suggestions.  You can check the calendar or look to the left-hand bar to see what I’m reading!  And if you have questions for me, you can always post a comment!  I’ll also have definitions at the bottom of the page for any unusual words in the posts.

Miss Pauley, Librarian

informative – something that gives useful information

integral – important, necessary to complete something

resource – something used to support something else, usually referring to information or supplies



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