What is a Library?

Libraries have always been special to me.  I think it’s a marvelous feeling for someone like me (an avid reader) to be surrounded by books.  But what does that mean exactly, to be surrounded by books?  By words?  By text?  By symbols?

It’s more than that: each book tells a story.  I’m not just talking about fiction, either.  Non-fiction tells stories, too.  Suppose you check out a book on World War II, or the Legend of Mackinac Island.  Dictionary.com has a few definitions, but mine is straight forward.  A story tells what happens.

So imagine.  When you’re sitting in a library it’s not books you’re surrounded by–pages glued together with hard covers on the outside.  It’s stories, tales.  And there are hundreds of them.  And everyone who has opened one of those books, they’ve become a part of those stories.

In a word, it’s magic.

Miss Pauley, Librarian

avid – having a lot of enthusiasm, interest, or love for something


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