Johnathan Rand Visit

As a librarian (and an aspiring author myself), I thought Johnathan Rand’s visit to Sylvester Elementary was truly…well, inspiring.  But what was even more amazing was the fact that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.  It was terrific to see all the students become energized by Johnathan Rand’s stories and influence.  I loved talking to third graders and fifth graders alike about their own stories.

This is what it means to be a writer: when someone starts telling a story, you want to tell one, too.

Aside from amusing stories, though, Johnathan Rand gave us a lot to think about.  His advice isn’t just for students who want to write their own stories.  It’s good insight for everyone who wants to better their writing and improve their reading skills, whether it’s for school or for pleasure.  Here are some notable quotes:

“If you want to be an author, don’t be a writer.  Be a rewriter.”

“The cover of a book is a door.”

“Reading is not what you do.  It’s a place that you go.”

Thanks, Johnathan Rand!