Our Young Poets

Recently, many of our students submitted poems to the Young American Poetry Digest for publication.  I am excited to announce that 12 of them (read: all who submitted) were accepted!  In order to appear in the publication, students needed to get a parent permission slip signed and postmarked to the National Schools Project by April 23rd.  They also were supposed to have sent their order forms at this time.  Sylvester has covered the cost for books that any young poet could not afford.  We will also receive a complimentary copy for our library.

To celebrate their achievement, the young poets were invited to an ice-cream party Thursday afternoon last week. Robert Epps, who won a poetry competition at the public library, was also invited.  I hope everyone had a blast!

Here is the list of our young poets.  If they signed a permission form, you can find their poems on the STUDENT WORKS page.

Jooyoung Chung
Trinity Driver
Miranda Dunton
Geroge Kertawidjaja
Billie Gill
Janaija Ferguson
Olivia Murray
Cora Pica
Mitchell Robaska
Symone Smith
Scout Smith
Elliot Sanders

*Robert Epps