Junior Crew

Congratulations to all who made Junior Crew!  Junior Crew is an organization where students – who were recommended by their teachers – have the opportunity to help advertise, fund raise, and decorate for the Scholastic Book Fair.  In addition, they act as representatives to their classrooms.  Which means they are an integral part of the upcoming Book Elections.

For information on Sylvester’s first Book Elections, see the Events page.  Junior Crew members will prepare and give speeches, and a lucky few will have the chance to debate in front of a school assembly.  Their influence may just decide which book will becomes Sylvester’s 2012 Presidential Read!

The following is a list of Junior Crew members:

PARKER – Kaitlin Escobar, Ellie Haygood, Elliot Sanders

BOERSEN – Miranda Dunton, Lucero Hernandez

SHEMBARGER – Scott Gervais, Christian Martinez, Carter Sheline, Marco Purnomo

DALUSONG – Klarissa Burch, Andreas Martinez, Scout Smith

TENTER – Enrique Latino, Elliot Sanders, Josiah Silafau

TERRY – Madison Carlson, Zachary Nannefeldt

ZAHRN – Sophia Martinez, Allison Rygg, Hope Welch

FARMER – Jenna Anderson, Faith Layton, Landen Nipper, Dominic Bright

CONSTABLE – Rylee Disterheft, Logan Edwards, Isabella Hertsel

STARK – Nick Djorjevic, Andrea Jordan, Tagin Raschke

WOLFE – Isabella Constable, Cameron Litaker

HOSKINS – Aleece Townley, Anabel Visiso-Ballin, Leilani Wade

NEIDLINGER – Anna Constable, Amelia Daniels, Jake Haygood

MCFARLANE – Ian Snowden, Emily Tom

COUNSELLOR – Erik Blake, Zach Swank

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