Results: Book Elections and Scholastic Book Fair

Before we left for Thanksgiving Break, we had a couple of reading-related events take place: the Book Elections and the Scholastic Book Fair.  To start things off, the Junior Crew helped out with both the Book Elections and the Book Fair.  Talk to any of them, and they’ll tell you how exciting it was.  During the elections, Junior Crew reps created and presented speeches on their classroom book, made posters, and participated in school-wide debates.

The following is a description of the Book Election process:

Sylvester Book Elections 2012

Sylvester will be holding our very own “book elections” to go along with the national elections–but instead of voting for a candidate, students will vote for books.  In Mr. Bartz’s own words, “The book elections are a great way to teach our students about the voting process while keeping the politics out of it and getting students excited about books! ”  Here is how the process works.

-Starting October 15, each classroom teacher will nominate a book to represent their classroom.

-On October 24, Junior Crew representatives from each class will give 5-minute speeches to each class in their grade.  The goal of the speech is to convince the classes to vote for the speaker’s book.

*Miss Pauley, Miss Rudlaff, Mrs. Hills, and Miss Peterson will be meeting with the Junior Crew representatives prior to the speeches to help them write and prepare.

-On October 25, student will vote on the book they would like to become the candidate for their grade.  Ballots due by noon.

-On  November 2, student representatives from each grade will debate, with a moderator, why the rest of the school should vote for their book.

*Pauley, Rudlaff, Hills, and Peterson will help student representatives prepare for the debates.

-On November 6, all students will vote on a single book.  Ballots due by noon.  This book will becomes Sylvester’s Presidential Read, and will be showcased at our Scholastic Fair with its own seal.

In the final round, students were able to vote between Bad Kitty for President, The Twits, and Mr. Peabody’s Apples.  Mr. Peabody’s Apples won by 179 votes.  When it was announced at the end of the day, you could hear Mr. Dalusong’s class’s victorious screams from across the school!

The following week, Junior Crew also helped out with our Scholastic Fair by volunteering after school.  They kept tables neat, checked receipts, helped parents find books, and promoted teacher wishlists. I’m also happy to report that teachers who filled out wishlists received every book they asked for.  In addition, we raised almost twice as much money as we did last year.

Thanks to everyone – teachers, parents, and students – who helped out during these events.  I know the elections helped get our students excited about reading, just in time to look for books during the fair.  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!