It’s hard to believe that spring break is almost here!  March has been packed with fun activities and opportunities for kids at Sylvester who love to read.  Just ask our Junior Crew.

To start with, the Reading Committee is pumping up excitement about reading all around the school.  Check out the EVENTS page do learn more about what’s going on this month.  We’re also getting ready for the book fair, and that means our Junior Crew is hard at work.

The month before the book fair, students have the opportunity to serve part of Junior Crew.  The term we typically use to describe this group is “classroom representatives.”  As part of Junior Crew, students will help with promotion and advertising, collecting donations, decorating the library, and relaying messages about the fair to their classmates.  Students first need to sign up if they are interested in Junior Crew, and, with the approval of their teachers, I select two to four representatives from each class.  During fair week, 4th and 5th graders also have the choice to volunteer to help out after school.

Another important part of the book fair is the All For Books program.  There is a collection box in the library, as well as a collection jar in each classroom, where students and staff may donate their spare change to help us raise money to buy books for classroom libraries.  Students and Parents also have the opportunity to support their teachers’ classroom library at the book fair–just take a look at your teacher’s wishlist, find the book at the fair, and purchase it.  We will put in a special sticker that says it was donated by you.

Finally, we are in the midst of our Reading Ticket Raffle.  Students can earn Reading Tickets from their teachers if they are “caught” reading or “caught” showing a huge passion for reading.  Students can then deposit their Reading Ticket in the raffle box (located in the library) and Junior Crew will help pick winners the week before the fair.  Winners will receive either a book or a rubber i-love-reading bracelet.

There are lots of opportunities so support reading this month.  Stop by the book fair during Parent Teacher conferences on March 26 and 27 to purchase a book for either your student or your student’s teacher, and feel free to ask questions.  We hope to see you there!