Library Time

Library Rules – The library rules are simple.  Remember STORY.

Silently look for books.

Take care of the books and keep the library tidy.

Observe due dates for the books you check out.

Respect others who are reading quietly.

Yellow voices at all time.

Classes are rated a 1 through 4 based on these rules, which covers both behavior and participation.  Classes that collect three 4 ratings will get a free reading day.

Looking for Books

While looking for books, please remember to respect the books and the library.  Many of our books are old–be careful with them!  Do not throw books or leave books on the floor.  Also, it is okay if you do not know where a book goes and want to put it aside, but please stack the books neatly before you leave the library.


Each student is assigned a three-digit library number.  They are expected to memorize this number, as they will need it in order to check out books.

On their library day, each class will be given a cart in the morning.  Students will return their books on this cart – returns on top, rechecks below.  When they come to library, students can retrieve their recheck books from the recheck shelf by my desk…but don’t forget to check them out again!

And importantly, using yellow voices means to whisper.  Remember that the library is a special place in the school.  It is not a classroom…it is a place for quiet reading, which means you should always be extra quiet here.

Students may only check out two books at a time.  They may not check more books out until all their library materials have been returned.

Reading Charts

Students may choose to fill out reading charts, in which they can log their weekly reading hours.  Students who earn 7 or more reading hours qualify for VIP status.  The top ten students who log the most reading hours can earn prizes at the end of the semester.

VIP Members

Students with VIP cards may check out up to 4 books at one time.  To attain a VIP status, students must go through an application process, in which the following criteria will be considered:

  • How often, and how long, they have overdues.
  • Students can choose to submit a weekly reading chart, and those who earn 7 hours of reading per week (1 hour a day) can attain or maintain thier VIP card.
  • Bonus points are given to those who help out during library or during recess time.

Remember to stay quiet during checkout time.  In order to check out everyone’s books quickly and efficiently, I need to be able to hear students as they tell me their number.  Checkout time is also quiet reading time.  After you check out books, please sit down and read quietly.

More Library Time

Students, remember that you can come to the library any time to check out books!  Make sure, however, that your teacher has given permission if you come during class time.  You will need of note.

Of course, you may come to look for/check out books during your recess time, as well as before and after school.  I’ll always be happy to see you!  Parents are invited to peruse the library as well.

Teachers, please feel free to ask for reading material.  I’m also willing to coordinate my lessons with yours.  In addition to the library books, we have quite a few teachers’ magazines.  You are also welcome to send your students to the library during class time–whether if they’ve gained “library time” in class or if they need more space to discuss classroom literature/assignments.

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