The following is a list of reading and writing related links, helpful to students, teachers, and parents alike.

  •  A social networking website…for books!  Members can rate and review the books they’ve read, comment in threads about their favorite series, and see what their friends are reading.  You can sign in and connect with friends through Facebook.  Goodreads will also give recommendations based on the books you’ve rated.
  •  This social networking site also focuses on books and reading, but it was made specifically for elementary aged kids.  Students can discuss books with other students and teachers, and there are even ways to gain reading points if your whole class is involved.
  •  Scholastic isn’t just for buying books!  Their website for kids is a great way to get kids interacted in reading.  They can read and watch videos about their favorite authors, play games about their favorite books, and find out news about the newest literature from scholastic.
  •  James Patterson is famous for his numerous adult-mystery books, as well as his young adult books.  Now he has a website dedicated to suggested reading for parents with kids from 0-18.  He has divided reading lists into four catagories: Illustrated Books, Transitional Books, Page Turners, and Advanced Readers.  It’s a helpful resource for parents and teachers alike!
  •  Finished a great book, but not sure what to read next?  Just type the title of your favorite book into the search box, and this website will generate a list of similar books!
  •  The fact is, there are more avid readers who are girls than boys.  Lets not place blame on the guys–it’s the publishers who keep passing through books that have a high-interested level for girls (chick lit being a high contender).  Jon Scieszka has a couple books dedicated to guy literacy called Guys Read, as well as this website.  The website talks about why “guys are having trouble” and tries to create a hype for boy readers.  There are also reading lists–always a helpful tool.
  • This central site will link you to almost any kid lit blog you might desire.  Find reviews, rambles, and more!
  •  The American Library Association is a resource primarily for librarians, but it’s still a great guide for anyone interested in reading.  They post news about libraries, stats, conferences, and authors.  There’s a link for advocacy, information about Banned Books Week, a page for copyright issues.  This website is filled with useful information.

Was one of these links helpful?  Do you have an additional link suggestion?  Feel free to post a comment or shoot me an email (


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