“Do you take donations?”  This is a question that gets directed to me a handful of times each year.  As grateful as I am for the offers, I do not accept donations to be put onto library shelves.  Why not?

First, I have my own budget to order books from, and I order from one book distributer, Follett.  I prefer to do it this way because Follett processes all my books for me.  In a nutshell, they put on the protective wrapping, barcodes, and spine labels.  They even catalog the books for me; all I have to do is download the file.  Doing this all by hand would take me a lot of time, even if it was just ten books.   Another reason for this policy is that I do not have enough space on the library shelves.

While I won’t process donated book for the library shelves, I will, however, take donations.  I keep a box of donated books in my office for give-aways and birthday presents.  If you’re interested in donating a few great books for that purpose, feel free to contact me!

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