What We’ve Been Up To

It’s been some time since I last posted news, but rest assured we’ve been very busy here at Sylvester Library!  Before the kids left for break, I had them take surveys on 1) technology they have access to use in their homes, and 2) how they feel most comfortable reading.  Most recently I compiled this information into graphs.

Using technology

Are You Comfortable

Technology at home

We’ve also spent a couple weeks going over the Dewey Decimal System, which is a system for organizing non-fiction books by subject.  ALL libraries use this system, which is why it’s so useful!  I found a great tumblr post for learning about the Dewey Decimal System if your kids are still unsure…or if you are unsure yourself.  It’s always good to brush up!

(Please note, I do NOT take credit for this tumblr post.)