Thank You For Reading – Book Fair 2013 Results

Thanks to everyone who made our book fair a success…students, staff, and parents!  We’re so lucky to be part of a community where reading and learning is a big focus.  It really gets me excited to see how many students want to be part of Junior Crew, and then how much effort they put into serving after they are chosen.  They love to read, and they love anything to do with reading.

But what really shows the kind of support we get from our community is our total sales profit – $4,056.20.  That almost $1,000 more than we made a the fall fair, and nearly twice what we made last spring.  Out of the four thousand that we made in profit, we spent about two and a half thousand purchasing the rest of the books on teacher wishlists, and we still have nearly two thousand in scholastic dollars to spend on our school library.  I’ve had quite a few people ask me how we managed that.  And though I’ve thought long and hard about it, I honestly have no idea.

I do think that what impacts our sales a lot are the teacher wishlists, because it means parents aren’t just buying books for their kids, but for their kids’ teachers as well.  (There are even a couple kids who try to buy books for their teachers, and this always warms my heart.)  I love the teacher wishlists because it helps boost our sales, and it’s a great way for us to get more books into every classroom.  That means more books for more kids.

Another thing that helps is Junior Crew.  It’s true that I buy books for JC members, but many of them also buy additional books.  Not to mention, the JC helps keep our books neat, they assist shoppers, and they check receipts.  Basically, they keep things running smoothly.

I have to give a shout-out to Mrs. Geiger and Mrs. Spitzke in the office, who announced every half hour the end of the conference sessions…and that parents should stop by the book fair.

I’m also extremely grateful to the parents who came in to help me run the fair.  In particular, I would be lost without Rhoda Johnson who recruited other parents and even took an extra shift when we couldn’t fill the last time slot.  (Not to mention all the other things she does for me, every Monday.  She’s amazing.)  I’m also indebted to Becky Brightbill, who counted up all the profits while I scrambled to pack up the fair.  Jane Markle, Carrie Griffiths, Emily Nanfeldt, Jessica Daniels–thank you all!  (I hope I’m not forgetting anyone.)

Of course, none of this would have been successful without all the parents who stopped by our fair and bought books.  Thanks for supporting your child’s literacy journey.  As a librarian, I think I’m qualified to say that reading really does give you superpowers!

And last, but certainly not least, the students.  Ladies and Gentleman, I honestly believe that the reason our books fairs turn out so well is simply that YOU LOVE TO READ.

Miss Pauley